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Nonionic Polyacrylamide(NPAM)                  
Product No.: ABT-P04
CAS No.: 9003-05-8
Formula:  C3H5NO                                                
Molecular weight:  71.078        
Appearance: a white or light yellow crystalline powder

25kg paper-plastic composite bag, or following your demand
Storage: room temperature, tightly closed, protected from humidity.


Product Category & Detail

Nonionic Flocculant

Appearance: White Powder 
Solid Content: 88% 
Molecular Weight: 6-15million 
Degree of Ion: Low, medium, high 
Dissolving Time: 60min 

The washing of coal ore auxiliary in textile industry waste water treating agent. The mineral separation of metallurgy. Prevent sand and stabilize sand chemical grouting agent blocking agent in the oil field soil humectant. 

Use Scope: This product is widely used in petroleum well drilling, building, coating, textile shoe-making, food, paper making, ceramics, rubber, printing, environmental protection and chemical industry. 

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