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2,3-dibenzoyloxypropyl benzoate                
Product No.: ABT-N31
CAS No.: 614-33-5
Formula: C24H20O6
Molecular weight: 404.41 
Appearance: a white or almost white crystalline powder
Assay: ≥98%
Application: It can be used as 1) Flavouring agents, JECFA: 861, spices number: 3398. 2)The density / spices gravity balance for Flavouring Agents. 3) Plasticizer and adhesives of polymer coatings that packaging dry food (direct contact with food). 4) Plasticizer for Heat-sealing polymer membrane of plastic package, polymers of molding CD, flexible tubes such as polyvinylidene fluoride, organic photoconductor, nail polish, heat-transfer label, flexible films from plasticized polyester and so on拢卢as well as hot melt adhesive, moisture curable sealant, inks and finish ect.. 5) Tackifier for ceramic decalcomania in the process of thermal transfer. 6) Binder of waterless dip dye composition. 7) Crystallization accelerator of polyester in the injection molding. 8) Melt viscosity modifier of organic compound. 9) Activator solvents of chemiluminescent.

Storage: room temperature, tightly closed, protected from humidity.
Package: 100g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

Drum packing: Closed packing with moisture-proof plastic bag or aluminum foil bag inside, packing with carton outside.
Dimensions: 5kg drum: 30cm*30cm*30cm
                     25kg drum: 35cm*35cm*51cm

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