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Product No.: ABT-O11
CAS No.: 75-05-8
Formula: C2H3N                                            
Molecular weight: 41.05          
Appearance: Transparent liquid, no suspended matter 
Assay: ≥99.9%

Application: An important medicine, pesticide, organic chemical raw material  


Industrial acetonitrile products are packed in dry and clean special iron drums. The iron drums must be tested after airtightness test. After packaging, the barrel mouth is sealed to prevent leakage. Industrial acetonitrile products can also be shipped by special tank trucks.
Storage: Industrial acetonitrile products should be stored in special storage tanks or cool and ventilated warehouses according to GB 15603. The temperature between warehouses should not exceed 30 °C, and keep away from fire and heat sources to prevent direct sunlight. Industrial acetonitrile products should be stored separately from oxidants and acids. Regular leaks should be checked.

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